Did you ever wonder why certain companies are much more innovative and successful than others?


My research studies perceptions of different leadership styles and their influences on psychological safety, employee voice and the atmosphere in your organization

- the roots of innovative companies!






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Max Schauss, M.Sc. Student.

My name is Maximilian Schauss, student at Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics, and participant in the International Triangle Program.


In order to finish my Master's program, I am right now working on my final thesis. Therefore, I am conducting this research project.


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My current research studies the concept of expressed "humble leadership" and its influences on employee proactivity with regard to the likelyhood of speaking up on work related issues in the organization.


Google already started to move away from selecting based on GPA and focusses, among others, on humility. Furthermore, employees that speak up are associated with more innovative companies.

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